We create and build experiences
that go far beyond a “wow” factor

Our work blends art, design, and technology of the highest caliber, executed by our team of world class artists and developers.

We are a strong team of AR and VR developers, artists, and branding specialists. Our company is owner-managed and our clients are our #1 priority. We pride ourselves in having outstanding and unparalleled customer service.

01. We start with “Why?”

Every intelligent solution is derived from a good plan and every plan must stem from asking “why?”.

Every application we develop grows from a passionate desire to address why it’s being developed and how it will solve a problem and also have a strong ROI.

02. Focused on ROI + creativity

Our experiences favor return on investment and creativity over gimmicks. This greatly differentiates us from our peers. We build experiences where success can be measured accurately without sacrificing artistry. 

03. World class immersive experiences with value in mind

AR and VR don’t have to break the bank. We are sensitive to client budgets and are adept at optimizing experiences according to our client’s budgetary needs. With us, you can get both, value and quality. 

Augmented Reality

- AR applications
- webAR (no app download needed)
- AR Games
- AR Face filters (instagram, snapchat)
- AR Product/retail showcasing
- AR On-site assembly and safety

Virtual Reality

- VR Games
- VR Training applications
- VR Educational applications
- VR Product/Retail showcasing

3D Modeling

- 3D characters
- Product design
- Architectural projects
- Retail
- Healthcare
- Construction

Industries we serve


Consumer Packaged Goods






Film and tv






Industrial & manufacturing




Public Art




Real Estate






Wine & Spirits

Client Testimonials

  • I was thrilled to work with Augmented Island Studios. After many years of working in Hollywood with top creative talent, I can confidently say that they are world-class! Once they completed the first project for me I decided to make them a permanent fixture of my digital media team.

    Terry Crews

    Actor, Artist and Activist
  • Working with Augmented Island Studios was an absolute pleasure. The Carhartt Vineyard AR app they developed for us allowed our brand to be recognized as one of the few wineries in the world to use Augmented Reality as a branding and engagement vehicle. We are incredibly honored and pleased to have them as our AR team!

    Chase Carhartt

    Carhartt Vineyard
  • We are so fortunate to have found Augmented Island Studios when researching developers we could work with on our first endeavor into the world of AR content. From start to finish, Enrique and the whole AIS team were energetic, engaging, creative and collaborative, the absolute ideal partner for us-or anyone, really-to work with. They understood our brand and intended aspirations, and helped bring those goals to fruition without chaos, confusion or headache. Thanks to their unquestionable passion and professionalism, it is a pleasure to work with Augmented Island Studios.

    Lauren Buzzeo

    Managing Editor - Wine Enthusiast
  • I had the great pleasure of working with the Augmented Island Studios team, who are uniquely talented and are great at coming up with creative solutions to meet every challenge. This hard-working team made my life so much easier with their proactive planning, quick problem-solving abilities, and overall positive attitude. Our meetings were always fun and uplifting! It is truly an honor to work with them, and I look forward to future projects with this wonderful team.

    Tee Gallagher

    Senior Alliance Marketing Manager - Logitech