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Our Augmented Reality Apps for Android Exceed Client Expectations

  • I had the great pleasure of working with the Augmented Island Studios team, who are uniquely talented and are great at coming up with creative solutions to meet every challenge. This hard-working team made my life so much easier with their proactive planning, quick problem-solving abilities, and overall positive attitude. Our meetings were always fun and uplifting! It is truly an honor to work with them, and I look forward to future projects with this wonderful team.

    Tee Gallagher

    Senior Alliance Marketing Manager - Logitech
  • I was thrilled to work with Augmented Island Studios. After many years of working in Hollywood with top creative talent, I can confidently say that they are world-class! Once they completed the first project for me I decided to make them a permanent fixture of my digital media team.

    Terry Crews

    Actor, Artist and Activist
  • We are so fortunate to have found Augmented Island Studios when researching developers we could work with on our first endeavor into the world of AR content. From start to finish, Enrique and the whole AIS team were energetic, engaging, creative and collaborative, the absolute ideal partner for us-or anyone, really-to work with. They understood our brand and intended aspirations, and helped bring those goals to fruition without chaos, confusion or headache. Thanks to their unquestionable passion and professionalism, it is a pleasure to work with Augmented Island Studios.

    Managing Editor

    Wine Enthusiast
  • Working with Augmented Island Studios was an absolute pleasure. The Carhartt Vineyard AR app they developed for us allowed our brand to be recognized as one of the few wineries in the world to use Augmented Reality as a branding and engagement vehicle. We are incredibly honored and pleased to have them as our AR team!

    Chase Carhartt

    Carhartt Vineyard

Bespoke Android-Specific Solutions For Maximum Engagement

Robust Sensor & Motion Tracking Capabilities

  • We understand that the end user will be interacting with your AR app from their Android device, so we build accordingly, leveraging the smartphone or tablet’s cameras, sensors, motion capabilities, and more.

Location-Based Implementation

  • We can build interactive Android AR apps that rely on Android’s location-based factors, such as GPS, accelerometer, digital compass, and more.

Object Tracking and Recognition

  • When building AR apps for Android, we can leverage the smartphone’s capability to understand objects (shape, size, color, etc) and track them from different spatial positions.

Robust Knowledge of ARCore (Google’s platform for building augmented reality experiences for Android)

  • We can build AR apps for Android that understand horizontal and vertical surfaces, light estimation, oriented points, and more. Basically, we can build just about anything!

Examples of Our Android Augmented Reality
Development Services

Why Work With Us for our Android Augmented Reality Development Services


Our Previous Work
Showcases Expertise
and Experience

While every Android-based AR app is different, components between projects are similar.
Across all our previous projects, we’ve likely developed apps that have similar components/frameworks required to build your vision.


We have a small,
intimate team that
partners with you

When we work with clients looking to build custom augmented reality applications for Android, we essentially become in-house partners.
Since we’re not a massive agency, we can move quickly and pivot on short notice.


We build Android AR Apps quickly

Many other agencies have consistent delays. We stick to deadlines.

Our Android AR Development
Services Build Truly
Custom Solutions

Concept & Ideation Phase

We build Android augmented reality apps that function for a specific reason or goal. We always begin each partnership by understanding your vision. Why are you wanting to build an AR solution? Who is your customer on the other end of the screen? 

Being experienced developers, we guide you through specific thought exercises that extract critical information.

Content Design & Execution

Once the vision is clear, our team of in-house experts begin building. When needed, we can layer in APIs, integrations, NFCs, and more to create a holistically interactive experience. 

The end product is your vision manifested, delivered on-time.

Android AR Launch Support

What’s the best strategy to encourage users to download the AR app from your website? 

How do you launch on the Play Store and how long will it take to get approved?

We guide you through this process to ensure a smooth and successful launch of your Android AR app. 

FAQs about
AR for Androids

How do you ensure that the AR experience is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, considering differences in hardware capabilities and specifications?

It’s true, some folks might be using the newest Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone while others are using an older model of a Lenovo tablet. Our developers ensure that, across platforms, users have a functional and enjoyable experience. 

We already have an Android application. Can you layer in AR into our existing app?

Yes, we can definitely do this. The process is similar: understand your vision, get insight into how your application was built, and then have our developers build your vision with the required frameworks.

Are you familiar with the Google Play Store's requirements and guidelines for AR applications?

Of course! We don’t want to build something that Google Play Store won’t approve.

How do you handle updates, bug fixes, and maintenance for Android AR applications post-launch?

It depends on the specific application. In most cases, we continue partnering with brands after the initial launch to do the following: update and modify the AR experience based on user feedback, monitor Android updates to ensure functionality, and report on user behavior.

What considerations do you take into account when designing the user interface for Android-based AR experiences?

The biggest consideration is who your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is. Are you targeting college students or business professionals? Artists or women in their 30s? By understanding your user at a deep level, we can design the interface and experience in a way that is second-nature to them.