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  • I had the great pleasure of working with the Augmented Island Studios team, who are uniquely talented and are great at coming up with creative solutions to meet every challenge. This hard-working team made my life so much easier with their proactive planning, quick problem-solving abilities, and overall positive attitude. Our meetings were always fun and uplifting! It is truly an honor to work with them, and I look forward to future projects with this wonderful team.

    Tee Gallagher

    Senior Alliance Marketing Manager - Logitech
  • I was thrilled to work with Augmented Island Studios. After many years of working in Hollywood with top creative talent, I can confidently say that they are world-class! Once they completed the first project for me I decided to make them a permanent fixture of my digital media team.

    Terry Crews

    Actor, Artist and Activist
  • We are so fortunate to have found Augmented Island Studios when researching developers we could work with on our first endeavor into the world of AR content. From start to finish, Enrique and the whole AIS team were energetic, engaging, creative and collaborative, the absolute ideal partner for us-or anyone, really-to work with. They understood our brand and intended aspirations, and helped bring those goals to fruition without chaos, confusion or headache. Thanks to their unquestionable passion and professionalism, it is a pleasure to work with Augmented Island Studios.

    Managing Editor

    Wine Enthusiast
  • Working with Augmented Island Studios was an absolute pleasure. The Carhartt Vineyard AR app they developed for us allowed our brand to be recognized as one of the few wineries in the world to use Augmented Reality as a branding and engagement vehicle. We are incredibly honored and pleased to have them as our AR team!

    Chase Carhartt

    Carhartt Vineyard

AR Dev Services For Different Platforms


  • We can build within Google’s proprietary ARCore, Android-centric platform. We can build within multiple languages and implement robust API integrations.


  • Do you want AR integration into an existing iOS app? Or a completely new app with AR at the forefront? We can build it.

Apple Vision Pro

  • Be one of the early launch AR apps on Apple Vision Pro. Our team of world-class developers can build your vision.

Web Apps

  • Do you want your AR experience to be accessible via a web app so that any user, regardless of platform, can experience it? Our AR dev services can build it.

Examples of Our
Augmented Reality Development Services

Why Work With Us
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Our Previous AR Development Services Speak For Themselves

Explore our portfolio showcasing collaborations with globally recognized brands and our impressive product range in the realm of augmented reality development services.

We have an adept in-house collective comprising designers, branding experts, and developers.


Our Team of AR Developers is Small (But Mighty)

We're not a massive, slow-moving agency. We’re basically like new in-house hires, quickly integrating into your team’s processes.

We can hop onto your inner communication hubs (think Slack) and project management tools (like Asana) to make everything flow smoothly.


We Stick To (and Beat) Timelines

You know how most AR dev services take forever (+ a few days) things done? Yeah, that’s not us.

We lay out crystal-clear timelines that are actually achievable instead of promising you the world and under-delivering.

Our AR Dev Services

Build Bespoke Solutions

from Start To Finish

AR Concept & Ideation

With our augmented reality development services, we always start with your vision. What are you hoping to build? How are you envisioning the final product impacting your ideal customer profile (ICP)? 

We operate as partners during this phase, sharing additional ideas to enhance your vision to exceed your expectations.

AR Content Design & Execution

Since our AR development services are in-house, executed by world-class professionals, we design and build your exact vision.

The end product is your vision manifested, delivered on-time.

AR Launch Support

Most augmented reality development services stop with the item above ⬆️

However, we know that the whole “if you build it, they will come” philosophy rarely works out. That’s why we provide strategic launch support to ensure that what we’ve built gets in front of your audience.

AR On-Site Assembly & Safety

If our AR dev services have built something that requires assembly or safety training, then our in-house team will provide boots on the ground.

Our goal is for your team to focus on activities and efforts that amplify the experience, not the assembly itself.

FAQs about your
augmented reality
development services

Do you help integrate the AR dev services into our existing marketing strategy?

Our in-house team can collaborate on how our augmented reality services can be embedded into your marketing or branding strategy. 

In terms of back-end implementation of marketing strategies (social media, email, web design), that is something we do not provide.

How do you ensure compatibility and optimization across various devices and platforms?

Robust testing is the answer. For example, if we’re building an AR experience for webAR, then we know that users will be accessing that web app across different platforms (Chrome, Safari, etc) as well as different devices (phone, tablet, and desktop).

Through robust testing, we can discover unwanted bugs before deployment, while optimizing all assets, animations, etc.

What strategies do you use for a seamless and engaging user experience within the AR environment?

We focus on micro-moments within the experience. Essentially an entire AR experience consists of hundreds / thousands of micro-moments. 

If our development services are building, let’s say, a training experience, then we’re focused on allowing the user to flow through these engaging, interesting, and captivating micro-moments to keep them bought in for maximum learning.

What specific skill sets and expertise do your developers possess in AR development, such as 3D modeling, computer vision, or UX/UI design for AR?

Our in-house team spans different areas of domain expertise. We have 3D modeling experts, branding experts, UX/UI experts, and more. By collaborating and integrating these different areas of expertise, we produce a final product that feels refined and well-thought out.

How scalable are the AR solutions you develop? Can they accommodate future growth or technological advancements?

Our development aligns with your audacious goals. During our initial collaboration, we determine what your long-term growth goals are with our AR development. If you want the technology to be relevant and accessible for 5 years, we may structure the build slightly differently than if you’re looking for a solution for a one-day product launch.