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  • I had the great pleasure of working with the Augmented Island Studios team, who are uniquely talented and are great at coming up with creative solutions to meet every challenge. This hard-working team made my life so much easier with their proactive planning, quick problem-solving abilities, and overall positive attitude. Our meetings were always fun and uplifting! It is truly an honor to work with them, and I look forward to future projects with this wonderful team.

    Tee Gallagher

    Senior Alliance Marketing Manager - Logitech
  • I was thrilled to work with Augmented Island Studios. After many years of working in Hollywood with top creative talent, I can confidently say that they are world-class! Once they completed the first project for me I decided to make them a permanent fixture of my digital media team.

    Terry Crews

    Actor, Artist and Activist
  • We are so fortunate to have found Augmented Island Studios when researching developers we could work with on our first endeavor into the world of AR content. From start to finish, Enrique and the whole AIS team were energetic, engaging, creative and collaborative, the absolute ideal partner for us-or anyone, really-to work with. They understood our brand and intended aspirations, and helped bring those goals to fruition without chaos, confusion or headache. Thanks to their unquestionable passion and professionalism, it is a pleasure to work with Augmented Island Studios.

    Managing Editor

    Wine Enthusiast
  • Working with Augmented Island Studios was an absolute pleasure. The Carhartt Vineyard AR app they developed for us allowed our brand to be recognized as one of the few wineries in the world to use Augmented Reality as a branding and engagement vehicle. We are incredibly honored and pleased to have them as our AR team!

    Chase Carhartt

    Carhartt Vineyard

Why Augmented Reality Packaging?

Augmented reality packaging elevates your user’s experience with your product. It’s no longer a transactional, consumable one-time event.

It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that alters their understanding of what it means to “consume” a product.

Product Visualization

  • Increase ecommerce conversion rates by allowing your potential customers to “try on” your product.
  • Whether it’s nail polish or a cocktail dress or a pair of sunglasses, users want to feel confident that the product they buy meets their expectations.
  • And with AR, you can allow potential customers to do just that!

Unique Consumption Experience

  • Imagine opening a bag of coffee and being transported to the farm where the beans came from.
  • Or unboxing a new piece of furniture and getting walked through the installation process via AR.

Virality and Word-of-Mouth

  • The idea of “wowing” someone is at the heart of AR product packaging for CPG brands (although conversion is our top priority).
  • Give the user something to talk about. Something to share on Tik Tok. Something to immediately text their best friend about.
  • Virality and AR go hand-in-hand.

Product Education

  • Certain boutique products are meant to be consumed in a particular way.
  • You may want to educate your users on:
    • Coffee-making best practices, if you sell a single origin coffee subscription.
    • How to fold the particular article of clothing to prevent wrinkles, if your ecommerce site sells apparel.
    • Different exercises to do on the equipment you sell through your exercise machine business.
  • By educating your customers, you’re creating user stickiness.

Sneak Peak At Our Work
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Why Work With
Us for AR in
Product Packaging

Our work blends art, design, and technology of the highest caliber, executed by our team of world class artists and developers.

Our augmented reality agency is built of a strong team of AR and VR developers, artists, and branding specialists. Our company is owner-managed and our clients are our #1 priority.

We pride ourselves in having outstanding and unparalleled customer service.


We’ve Proven Success

Just take a look at some of the world-renowned brands we’ve worked with and some of our product work.

We have an in-house team of designers, branding specialists, and developers that can bring your vision to life.


We’re a Small and Agile Agency, Partnering With Your Team at a Deep Level

We become an extension of your team, collaborating with you at a deep level to ensure project success.

If desired, we use your internal communication channels (i.e. Slack), project management tools (i.e. Asana) and more to create seamless work flows.


We Stick To Timelines

Most other AR agencies change delivery targets during projects (we’ve heard this a lot). They delay, and delay, and delay. And projects sometimes are indefinitely delayed.

We set clear and achievable timelines so that your internal team is never waiting on us to launch a new campaign.

Sub-Use Cases
For Augmented Reality

Product gamification and giveaways

Imagine a handful of your product packages have a unique QR code that, through AR, tells a buyer that they’ve won a giveaway. We can even integrate NFC tags for gamification, limited edition authenticity, and more.

Product review generation

Getting product reviews is hard. Imagine building an interactive AR experience that encourages online 5-star reviews.

FAQs about
AR in Product

How much does it cost to build AR product packaging?

It totally depends on the specific goals and scope of work. Please reach out to us so we can discuss your project and provide you with an accurate estimate.

How long does it take to build AR product packaging?

Again, it depends on the scope of the project. We can get smaller projects done in as quick as a few weeks. Larger, more robust projects may take a few months.

Do you have in-house design resources to build the AR product packaging? Or is that on us?

If you have an in-house design team, we work closely with them to ensure brand cohesiveness and coordinate design responsibilities. For most projects, we take the project from start to finish, which includes design resources.