Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies to the Sojourn VR, developed by Augmented Island Studios, LLC. We are a company based in Portland, OR, and we create immersive and interactive experiences using augmented reality technology.

Sojourns VR is a wellness and relaxation app that transports users to some of the most beautiful locations on earth, interpreted artistically by us. Users can experience outstanding immersive environments and either relax in them, or engage with short, soothing experiences, like blowing soap bubbles, arranging beautiful puzzles, feeding fish in a beautiful freshwater tank, and more. Wildlife is an important part of Sojourns VR, and users are able to appreciate them as they inhabit their natural environments.

We respect your privacy, and we do not collect any personal data or information from you or your device when you use our app. We do not ask you to create an account, sign in, or provide any contact details. We do not use any third-party services or analytics tools that may track your activity or behavior. We do not store, share, or sell any data or information related to you or your use of our app.

The only permission we request from you is access to your device’s camera, which is necessary for the app to function properly. We only use the camera to display the augmented reality content on your screen, and we do not record, save, or transmit any images or videos from your camera.

You can revoke the camera permission at any time from your device’s settings, but this will prevent the app from working as intended. You can also uninstall the app at any time if you wish to stop using it.

By downloading and using our app, you agree to this privacy policy and our terms of service. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at